Based in Camden Town London UK  and  having a passion  for  the design and manufacture of Microphones, Guitar effects pedals and Valve amplifiers. With a focus on acoustic excellence, and  with the aim of bringing  a superior audio experience. As a professional electronics/sound engineer and accomplished creator of  sound related equipment. . I have more ideas  in the pipeline  and will be adding to this website.

 The BAF PZM Boundary Microphone  

The BAF high performance Stealth2 pressure zone microphone (PZM) uniquely captures the character of an acoustic space.

It has a spherical omnidirectional polar pickup pattern which when placed against room boundaries or situated on a tabletop, wall, floor, ceiling,  captures a full room sound. Excellent for spoken word applications and instrumental ensembles. With the added advantage of being less visually intrusive due to it's relatively flat profile.

The Stealth2 PZM microphone is a perfect option for recording the space in studio rooms, musical theatre venues, places of worship/conference rooms, due to its proficiency in picking up sound over a wide area. Boundary microphones prevent phase interference between direct and reflected sound resulting in a very natural sound through having a flatter frequency response in comparison with stand mounted microphone.

* The Stealth2 microphones  you receive will come as a stereo pair .

 The BAF Cardioid Condenser Microphone

The BAF Om-megA Condenser Microphone is the optimum choice for  precise sound capture and  sound quality. It is extremely sensitive and ideal for both professional and home studio recording. Beautifully designed, minimalist, created and hand built in the UK and engineered to the highest possible standard. The BAF Om-megA is unique in that it has a slightly smaller body than traditional comparable microphones such as the Rode NT1 or the Neumann TLM103.

Housing a large 34mm gold sputtered diaphragm, providing a superior signal to noise ratio and reducing pickup of unwanted sound.

48V phantom powered with a Cardioid Polar Pattern.

The output of the microphone is a 3-pin XLRM-type connector.

 Punching way above its weight this microphone has a fulsome open and clean sound. which will enhance any professional or amateur audio project.

Includes custom shock mount/cradle and flight case.

The BAF 'Into the Fuzz' guitar effects pedal

Into the Fuzz guitar effects pedal by Big Audio Foundry (BAF) is British made, lovingly hand wired, carefully engineered and tested using DIP components.

This is not a mass produced or imported pedal.

Using the silicon diodes and giving a classic fuzz tone, nice and smooth not too messy/gritty at the top end, this pedal sounds awesome.

The enclosure is durable, robust and roadworthy, perfect for rowdiest of gigs.