HH IC 100L

Total refurbishment of an HH Electronics  IC 100L solid state amplifier : An early piece of 1980s rock history.

This amp came to me in a bit of a sorry state and needed an overhaul to bring it back to life. Its now looks and sounds great.

I decided to recover the amp in blue toilex  that I had left over from another amp building project. I removed the original corner guards  and replaced with small chrome corner guards.

The  smoothing capacitors were changed and the faceplate replaced due to cracks in the original. The pots cleaned, knobs airbrushed in chrome and speakers replaced with Fender speakers from a Fender 70s twin reverb, rubber  feet were added. I also made a 3D printed replacement badge, the original having been lost at some stage. Changing the speakers gave a nice clean full bodied  sound.